The Descent of a Carlisle Family

My maiden name was Kathleen Coupland, and I was born on the 16th May 1959 at Cotehill, nr. Carlisle. My father was William Coupland, born 12-7-1921 at Carlisle. He died in 1993. My mother was Annie Ramsey Robley. She was born on 20-4-1924 at Carlisle, and she died in 1984. On her birth certificate, her father is descibed as a fell manager's labourer.

Annie Ramsey Robley, aged about 18 months

My grandparents were Thomas Robley and Mary Graham. I think Thomas was born in 1884, and he had a younger brother called John Dodgson Robley (Jnr.). My great uncle, John Dodgson Robley, and his wife, used to own a shop in King Street in the 1940s. My great grandfather was also called John Dodgson Robley, and my great great grandfather was William Robley. I am not sure of my ancestors beyond that, so this is an on-going project.

Children of Thomas Robley & Mary Graham.

Thomas Robley was born about 1884 at Carlisle. He married Mary Graham, of Longtown, on 23rd. April, 1907. On their marriage certificate, Thomas is described as a groom (domestic). He lived at 5, Alfred Street North, Carlisle, and his father was John Dodgson Robley (deceased). Thomas died on 20th July, 1946.

Thomas & Mary with one of their daughters

BornBapt.NameAddressOccupation of FatherDied
19086-10-1911John George RobleySaddle LaneLabourer1961
13-11-191124-11-1911Richard RobleySaddle LaneLabourer-
28-3-19148-5-1914Minnie RobleySowerby St.Labourer1920
29-6-191625-8-1916Mary Ann RobleySowerby St.Labourer1920 (Holywell Cres., Botcherby)
19181919Tom Armistice RobleySowerby St.Labourer1987
20-11-192011-2-1921Mary Agnes RobleySowerby St.Labourer-
-31-3-1922Christine Roma RobleySowerby St.--
20-4-19241924Annie Ramsey Robley14, Sowerby St.Wool Dryer1984
16-7-192626-9-1926Eleanor Allison RobleySowerby St.Wool Dryer-

Obituary Notice for Tom Robley

ROBLEY. At Cumberland Infirmary on the 20th (July, 1946), Tom beloved husband of the late Mary Robley. Funeral at Carlisle Cemetary on Tuesday leaving from (99?) Hollwell Cres. at 1.40pm.

Children of John Dodgson Robley and Mary Ann

John Dodgson Robley (Robbley) was christened on 23-10-1859 at Christ Church, Carlisle. His parents were William Robley and Elizabeth. On the 1881 census, he is described as John Robley, cotton dyer aged 21, married to Mary A. Robley. They lived at 8, Hughes Court., Botchergate.

They had 2 children, Thomas Robley born about 1884, and *John Dodgson Robley, born about 1886. John Dodgson Robley, Snr. died on 28th September, 1888, aged 29. His wife, Mary Ann, died on 29th July, either 1888/9. She was 28. On the time of the 1991 census, the 2 brothers were living in Rickergate: Thomas Robley, aged 18, furniture dealer's porter, and John Robley, railway labourer.

Note on John Dodgson Robley, Jnr. Kathleen comments: "His wife was called Elizabeth, and, I think, they had 5 children. Their names were: Abigail, Doreen, Freda, Jane and Annie. When they sold the shop in King Street, they moved to Lord Street. After John died (24th June, 1950), Elizabeth moved to Brook Street with her daughter, Freda. Elizabeth died on 17th June 1966.

Children of William Robley & Elizabeth

William Robley was christened on June 18th, 1832 in Wetheral Cumberland. He married Elizabeth (?Dodgson). She was born in 1831 in Lazonby. In the early parish records, William is described as a miller, but on the 1881 census his occupation is given as a railway engine driver.

BaptismNameAddressOccupation of FatherDied
15-4-1854 (Christ Church, Carlisle)Rachel RobleySt. Nicholas StreetMiller-
2-5-1855 (Christ Church)Thomas RobleyNot known (from IGI)Not known-
14-2-1857 (Christ Church)Mary Elizabeth Robler(?y)Brook StreetMiller-
23-10-1859 (Christ Church)John Dodgson RobleyBrook StreetMiller-
17-1-1964 (Christ Church)William RobleyCharles StreetMiller-
8-4-1866 (Christ Church)Rachel Rubler (?Robley)Charles StreetMiller-
1869Joseph Robley85, Charles St. (Info. from 1881 census)Railway Engine Driver-
1871Martha Robley85, Charles St.Railway Engine Driver-

Thomas Robley and Mary Donaldson

Thomas Robley [(Anson) was christened in Cumwhinton, Wetheral, on 14th December 1800. His parents were William Robley and Rachel Anson.] He married Mary Donaldson on December 10th, 1831 in Wetheral.

BaptismNamePlace of ChristeningDied
18-6-1832William RobleyWetheral-
18-5-1834Rachael RobleyWetheral-
8-11-1836Joseph RobleyWetheral-
31-8-1839Thomas RobleyWetheral2-9-1839

William Robley and Rachel Anson

William Robley was christened on the 12th April, 1750 at Wetheral. He met Rachel Anson. William had an illegitimate son, Thomas, with Rachel Anson. Originally christened Thomas Anson, his name was changed to Thomas Robley when his parents eventually married. They had 2 more children, Ann and Rachel, before William died on 16th November, 1814. He was buried at Wetheral on the 18th, November, 1814 and was aged 65. William left no will, but in the Letters of Administration of his estate he is described as a tailor.

ChristeningNAMEPlace of ChristeningDied
14-12-1800Thomas Anson (Robley).Wetheral-
24-11-1811Ann RobleyWetheral-
20-2-1814Rachel RobleyWetheral-

Joseph Robley and Ann

Joseph Robley was baptised on 7-11-1714 at Wetheral, the child of William Robley and Susanna Boustead. He married Ann (surname unknown).

ChristeningNAMEPlace of ChristeningBuried
15-3-1741Abigail RobleyWetheral14-3-1742
10-4-1743Mary RobleyWetheral-
?-5-1746John RobleyWetheral1746
14-3-1747Christopher Robley (married Mary Louthian, 7-6-1772)Wetheral-
12-4-1750William RobleyWetheral16-11-1814
28-8-1752Ann RobleyWetheral23-4-1754
12-5-1799Joseph Robley (married Agnes Pearson)(Parents of *Christopher)Wetheral-

*Christopher Robley was transported to Australia aboard the Indian, leaving on 18th July, 1810,and arriving in Sydney on 16th December, 1810. He was christened in Wetheral on 27th February, 1791 but subsequent Australian records show his date of birth as 1787. This may indicate a lack of urgency, by his parents, to christen their children. A great deal of research has been done on Christopher. One of his descendants, Eileen Young, wrote a book on him in conjunction with her husband, Archie. There is an excellent article, on this web-site, written by another descendant, John Ross.