AGNES ROBLEY (1820-1901): Second Generation Australian,

Agnes Robley, the third child of Christopher and Mary Robley was born in Sydney on the 25th of September 1820 and was baptised in St. Philip's Church, Sydney on the 21st January, 1821.

On the 29th of April 1839 she married John Abel, three years her senior, at St. Andrew's Scot's Church in Sydney. He was born in Windsor in 1817. and was a carpenter by trade.

John Abel was the son of Benjamin Abel and Grace Pearson. They married in Portsmouth, England in 1809. They were settlers and not convicts.

There was a military tradition in the Abel family. At the time of his marriage Benjamin was a member of the Middlesex Militia and later joined the 73rd. Regt. under the command of Lachlan Macquarie, later to become Governor of New South Wales.

In March 1841 Agnes and John were living at Waterloo Mills, Alexandria, Sydney. The couple had twelve children.

John died on 25th January 1885 in Newtown, New South Wales. Agnes Robley died in Newtown on the 20th July 1901 and is buried in the Rookwood Cemetery, Auburn, NSW.

Inserted by two of her daughters, Agnes Abel (Loveridge) & Sarah May Abel (Bridges).
20 July 1902
20 July 1903
20 July 1904
22 July 1905

Written by John Robley, from the research of Eileen S. Young.