Annie Pitcairn Robley, wife of Andrew Bonar Law.

The Times/November 3, 1909

BONAR LAW. On the 31st Oct., in Nursing Home, Leeds, after an operation, Annie Pitcairn Robley, wife of A. Bonar Law M.P.

The Times/ November 2/1909

Mrs. Bonar Law.

Mrs. Bonar Law, wife of the member of Parliament for the Dulwich Division of Camberwell, died on Sunday night in a nursing home in Leeds, where she underwent an operation a few days ago. Mrs. Annie Pitcairn Bonar Law was the daughter of Mr. Harrington Robley of Glasgow. She married Mr. Bonar Law in 1891, before he had entered public life and while he was still a partner in a firm of iron merchants in Glasgow. Nine years after his marriage Mr. Bonar Law was elected as the Unionist representative of the Blackfriars Division of Glasgow, and from that time not a little of his success has been ascribed to the assistance that he received from his wife, both in the social duties which his position involved and in the more trying work of electioneering. The support which she had given her husband, ever since he embarked upon a political career, has been recalled in the messages of condolence which Mr. Bonar Law has just received. Among these is a letter from the Dulwich Conservative Club expressing the regret with which the division that Mr. Bonar Law now represents has heard of his bereavement. Mrs. Bonar Law leaves four sons and a daughter.