CAPTAIN RICHARD ROBLEY, 1791-1879, of Greene County, IL.


Richard Robley, son of Matthew Robley and Mary Scott, was born on 1 January 1879 in Swansey, New Hampshire, America. His father, Matthew was a deserter from the British army who joined the American army.


Richard married three times.

1.Desire Griswold She was born on th June, 1794 in Waltham, Addison, Vermont. Richard & Desire married on 11th August 1914, and she died on 22 July, 1836.

2.Lucinda Brewster on 20 April, 1837. Lucinda was born on 6th August 1802 at Weybridge, Addison, Vermont and she died on on 23rd September 1837 at Buffdale, Il.

3. Mathilda Worden on 26 April 1838 in Greene County, Illinois. She was born on 11 November 1799 and died 21 November 1880.

Photograph (taken 1999) contributed by Gary Griswold. The graves are at a family plot off the main road North of Eldred, Greene County Illinois. The site has a stone wall surrounding it.


Richard Robley & Desire Griswold had the following children:


Richard Robley died on 3rd January, 1879, aged 87 years. His 3rd wife, Matilda died on 21st Movember 1880.

Photograph contributed by Garry Griswold. Richard, Desire & Lucinda are buried in the family burying ground side by side.

Contributed by John Robley & Marian Foster.