Haresceugh Castle & the Blenkinships (Blenkinsops)
Haresceugh Castle & the Blenkinships (Blenkinsops)

This is all that remains of Haresceugh Castle. It was once a place of refuge for the people of Renwick, just as Scarrowmanwick served as a stronghold for the villagers of Croglin. Stones from the old castle were used for the farm buildings in the adjacent farm house. This farm house was the home of the Blenkinships, or Blenkinsops as they sometimes called themselves.

Cards discovered at my childhood home, Midtown Cumwhitton

Isaac Blenkinsop was the first Blenkinsop to live in Haresceugh Castle. He was buried in Kirkland Churchyard, but according to the 1881 census he was born at Ousby. Further research has shown that he was christened there on 15th June, 1794 as Isaac Blenkins. His parents were Joseph Blenkins and Mary Cook.

Descendants of Joseph Blenkinsop (or Blenkinship etc.) and Mary Cook

Joseph Blenkinship married Mary Cook on 9th May, 1773.


1.Ann Blenkinship christened 31st October, 1773 to Joseph Blenkinship of Skirwirth and Mary his wife. Ann married Robert Pearson 9th August, 1793, at Kirkland Church. Ann died 21st. December, 1860 in Stainton Dacre, Westmorland. Note: Ann and Robert have descendants living in New Zealand.

2. Mary Blonkinship christened 26 August 1777 at Kirkland Church.

3.[Jane christened 1779.]?

4.Sarah Blenkinsop christened 25th March 1780 at Castle Carrock, died 9th April 1864 at Liverpool aged 85. Married Henry Lennard 25th March 1813, Moresby, Cumberland. Note: Sarah and Henry have descendants living in New Zealand.

5. Joseph Blenkowship christened 22 October 1786 at Ousby, Nr. Penrith, Cumberland. [We think that this was the Joseph who married Leah Jackson at Kirkland Nr. Penrith 4th August 1827. Joseph & Leah had one child, Wilfrid Blinkinsopp, c. 13th April 1828, Ousby, Cumberland. They emigrated to Canada in 1829 from Skirwirth, Kirkland Parish and established a new family in Canada.]

6. Thos. Blenkowship christened 13th September 1789 at Ousby. [Married Hannah Davidson 6th July, 1811, at Kirkland?]

7. Hannah Blenkowship christened 5th August 1792 at Ousby

8. Isaac Blenkins christened 15 June 1794 at Ousby. Isaac married Mary Workman on 13th February, 1882. Isaac and Mary have descendants living in New Zealand

Joseph died 13th April, 1825

Mary died 12 April 1818.

Kirkland Church where Isaac Blenkinship and Mary Workman were married

Descendants of Isaac Blenkinship (Blenkinsop) and Mary Workman

Isaac Blenkinship arried Mary Workman on 13th February, 1822 at Kirkland, nr. Penrith


    1. Joseph Blenkinship. c.25 April, 1822 Kirkland
    2. Isaac Blenkinship c. 9 March, 1823 Kirkland
    3. Mary Blencaship c. 29 May, 1825. Morland, Westmorland.
    4. *Jane Blencaship c. 7 March, 1827 Morland, Westmorland.
    5. Ann Blencaship. c. 18 Feb., 1829. Morland.
    6. Thomas Blenkiship.c.21 April, 1831 Morland.
    7. ***Joseph Blenkinship c. 15 Oct., 1833 Long Marton, Westmorland
    8. John Blenkinship c. 13 Jan., 1836. Long Marton.
    9. Sarah Blenkinsop c. 25 Feb. 1838. Long Marton
    10. William Blenkinsop c.6 May 1840 Long Marton
    11. ***Robert Blenkinsop c. 30 May 1842 Long Marton.

Morland Church where Mary, Jane, Ann and Thomas were christened


*Jane Blenkinship (4) married John Lowis 6 Nov., 1852 at Kirkoswald. Their daughter, Mary Ann, of Blunderfield, married Joseph Robley, of Scarrowmanwick, on 27th July, 1878. Mary Ann was my grandmother.

**1829 Directory.

Blenkmanship, Isaac farmer Greengill Bank, Morland.

**1847 Directory

Blenkinship, Isaac farmer. Haresceugh Castle.

***1901 Directory

Blenkinsop, Joseph & Robert. Haresceugh Castle. Kirkoswald.

This is a good example of variant spellings of a surname within the same family.

Haresceugh Castle today


1851 Census

Haresceugh, Kirkoswald

*Isaac BlenkinsoppHeadFarmerM56Ousby
Mary BlenkinsoppWifeFarmer's wifeM52Bongate
Isaac BlenkinsoppSonFarmer's sonU28Kirkland
Mary BlenkinsoppDaughterFarmer's daughterU25Morland
Jane BlenkinsopDaughterFarmer's daughterU24Morland
Thomas BlenkinsoppSonFarmer's sonU20Morland
Joseph BlenkinsoppSonFarmer's sonU17Long Marton
John BlenkinsoppSonFarmer's sonU15Long Marton
Sarah BlenkinsoppDaughterScholar-13Long Marton
William BlenkinsoppSONScholar-11Long Marton
Robert BlenkinsoppSonScholar-8Long Marton
**Hannah BlenkinsoppDaughter--3Kirkoswald

*Farmer of 228 acres

**Hannah may have been a granddaughter.

1881 Census

Haresceugh, Kirkoswald

Isaac BlenkinsopHead*FarmerM86Ousby, Cumberland
Joseph BlenkinsopSonFarmer's sonU49Long Marton, Westmorland
Robert BlenkinsopSonFarmer's sonU38Long Marton
Catherine BlenkinsopGr DauServant (General)U28Kirkoswald
James BlenkinsopGr SonFarm Servant IndoorU23Kirkoswald
Thomas BlenkinsopGr SonFarm Servant IndoorU17Kirkoswald
Isabella NicholsonGr DauServant (Domestic)U16Kirkoswald
Mary NicholsonGr DauServant (Domestic)U14Kirkoswald
Thomas CookVisitor-U26Long Marton

*Farmer 300 acres

Contributed by Marian Robley Foster, the great great granddaughter of Isaac Blenkinship (Blenkinsop).