Harry (HENRY GEORGE) ROBLEY and his brothers JOHN KEITH and Wilfie (WILFRED NORMAN).

Harry, John & Wilfie skinning rabbits. Taken in 1928 on Robley Farm, Macpherson Road, Wyong.

Henry George Robley (aka. Harry), the son of George Andrew and Doris Robley was born at Mc Pherson's Estate, Wyong on 8th June 1914. On leaving school. he took up farming with his father, George and brother, John Keith. The farm was resumed prior to 1962 to permit the building of the Mardi Dam and the brothers then went into partnership as home builders in Toukley.

Located 4km south-west of Wyong, Mardi Dam was built in 1962 and can hold up to 7,400 million litres of water. Mardi Dam is an earth fill dam and is an offstream storage meaning it is not fed directly by a stream and must be filled by pumping water from Wyong River and Ourimbah Creek. Water is pumped to Mardi Treatment Plant before being distributed to Wyong residents.

Harry with his 2 sisters, Millicent (Mit) & Isabella (Belle). Taken around 1918, probably at Wyong.

Harry was a shy and retiring man and never married but posessed a remarkable intelligence which unfortunately was never developed. He died at Norahville, Wyong Shire in December 1976, and was buried in Sandgate Cemetery.

Photograph contributed by John Ross.

John Keith Robley, his brother,was also born at McPherson's Estate, Wyong in February 1919.

On his father's farm around 1930, pictured with his sister Belle & their horse, Taffie. Getting ready to take cream to Wyong Butter Factory.

John farmed and later went into the building business with his brother Harry. He was a tall, well built man with a good sense of humour. He was a particularly helpful and generous man and highly regarded by all who knew him. He was fond of fishing.

Late in life he married a widow, Doreen Raynor, who had three children. They had one son, Jaime Keith. John died after a long illness in the Gosford District Hospital on the 12th June 1982.

John is buried in Noraville Cemetery. NSW.

Wilfred Norman Robley, another brother, was also born at McPherson's Estate, Wyong in August 1923.

Wilfie with John & Belle & Dart the dog. Taken on Robley farm in 1931.

He operated a fruiterers delivery business and later became the Secretary/Manager of the Toukley Bowling Club. He married Lorna Dulcie Knight and the couple had three children, two boys and one girl. In retirement they lived on the north coast of New South Wales. Wilfred died on 21 Sep 2001 and Lorna on 15 Sep 2005.

Written by John Robley, from the research of Eileen S. Young. Photographs from Ancestry.