Index of Robley Probate Records

Sixteenth Century.

Note: Muster Roll for Hayton dated February 9th 1581 contains 2 Robleys, John Robleye Younger & John Robley (Lances). CWAAC Transactions. Vol.8. New Series. 1908.

Seventeeth Century.

Note: The Barony of Gilsland: Lord Howard's Survey taken in 1603, lists a Thomas Robble at Hayton (the Faugh). "Tho Robble a tenem wth a parcell of ground adjoyninge more north."

Note: The Protestation Returns, 1641. Lists a Robert Roblay & a Thomas Roblay in Wetheral Parish.

Note: There is a Michael Robley in "The Ejected of 1662 in Cumberland and Westmorland" p. 965.
It reads, "Michael Robley, 1664 - He signs the transcripts in that year".
Heversham, Crosthwaite Chapel. Robley, Michael. 21/09/1661.Appt (Licensing). Preacher. Crosthwaite & Lyth/Lowndsdale deanery.
From IGI: 15th May 1663. Michael Robley married Elizabeth Atkinson. Crosthwaite & Lyth. Westmorland.

Eighteenth Century

  • John Robley.1714. Burnwaite, Parish of St. Cuthbert's. (Wife Ann; 10 children.Son, William became Curate of Cumwhitton & moved to Northumberland.)
  • Thomas Robley. 1721. Smith. Cotehill. Wetheral.(Leaves the majority of his estate to his brother, John. Other beneficaries"great gun for my father", "my mother one ginny" "Jane & Jacob one ginny betwixt them" "Hanna Knublay".)
  • Christopher Robley. 1722. Weaver.Cumwhinton. (mentions son, William; daughter Jane Foster; daughter Rebecca Atkinson; daughter Ann Robley.)

    Notes: 1. From Wetheral Parish Register. Jane Robley married Peter Foster 16/04/1713. 2. Wetheral Parish Register. twin daughters, Rebecca & Ann, baptised 22/03/1682. 3. No baptismal record for Jane so possibly the eldest, born before the register started.4. William baptised 17/04/1686. 5. Ann seems to be the principal inheritress (possibly because she was unmarried?).

  • John Robley. 1724. Cotehill. Wetheral Parish. (Mentions Frances Robley).
  • Thomas Robley. 1733. Wetheral. Batchelor. (Grandson of Thomas Robley of Newlands.)
  • Ann Robley. 1739. of Burnthwaite.Parish of St. Cuthbert's. (Widow of John Robley 1714. above.)
  • Mary Roblay. 1739. Scalesceugh, parish of St. Cuthbert's. Widow.
  • John Robley. 1743. Woodhouse, parish of St. Mary's. ( Son of John (1714) & Ann (1739). He married Ann Dixon & they 4 living children, among them Rev. Isaac Robley of St. John's-in-the-Vale. All these children are mentioned in will of John's mother, Ann.)
  • Joseph Robley. 1746. Yeoman. Parish of St. Cuthberts, Carlisle. (Son of John (1714) & Ann (1739) Robley). Leaves estate to brothers & sisters, nephews & nieces. Robert Robley, nephew?).
  • John Rablah. 1758. Barnard Castle, County Durham.{Durham University Library].
  • Nevison Robley.1761. of Lincoln's Inn in the County of Middlesex, (son of Rev. William Robley, Northumberland.)[National Archives, London].
  • Thomas Robley. 1765. Scarrowmanwick in the Parish of Kirkoswald. (son of John Robley & Ann Dixon of Woodhouse, Wreay.He married Margaret Hewetson & they had 7 children.)
  • Isaac Robley. 1767. Merchant of London.[National Archives, London].
  • Joseph Robley. 1770. Upper Hesket in the Parish of Hesket. Widow Elizabeth. (Maiden name of wife Oliphant.)
  • John Robley of Woodhouse. 1771. Parish of St. Mary's.(Bachelor. Eldest son of John Robley and Ann Dixon of Woodhouse. Mentions his nephew Isaac Robley of London, oilman.)
  • William Nevison Robley. 1871. Of Broadfield House, nr. Fourstones, in the Parish of Warden in the county of Northumberland. [Northumberland County Council].
  • Isaac Robley. 1772. Crosthwaite & Diocese of Carlisle, Clerk. (Rev. Isaac Robley, son of John Robley and Ann Dixon. Widow Mary Robley, formerly Gaskarth.)
  • Joseph Rablah. 1782. Barnard Castle, County Durham.[Durham University Library].
  • Joseph Rablah. 1789. Barbard Castle. County Durham.[Durham University Library].
  • John Robley. 1792. Stoke Newington, Middlesex.[National Archives, London].
  • Related Wills

  • George Blacklock. 1717. Burnthwaite, St. Cuthbert's Without. (wife, Jane Robley. Parents John & Ann Robley of Burnthwaite. Daughter Ann ((from this will)) and John ((from will of grandmother Ann Robley)). Died after only 4 years of marriage.)
  • John Gaskarth. 1730. Hill Top Farm, St. John's-in-the-Vale. (Father of Rev. Isaac Robley's wife, Mary.)
  • Peter Foster. 1736. of Cumwhinton, Wetheral.(husband of Jane Robley. Jane was daughter of Christopher Robley.1722. weaver.)
  • Nineteenth Century

  • Joseph Robley. 1800. of Scales, Skelton. (son of Joseph Robley & Elizabeth Oliphant).
  • Joseph Robley. 1806. Of the Island of Tobago.(son of Isaac Robley & Mary Gaskarth.) [National Archives, London].
  • William Robley. 1808. of Lauries Mill in the Parish of Simonburn, Northumberland. [Durham University Library].
  • Joseph Robley. 1811. City of Carlisle (Mercer & Draper).
  • William Robley.1816.Tailor of Cumwhinton( Widow Rachel Robley).
  • Rachel Robley. 1817. Cumwhinton. (maiden name Anson.)
  • Olivia Henrietta Robley. Spinster of Stoke Newington, Middlesex.[National Archives, London].
  • Joseph Robley. 1818. Cumwhinton. Weaver.
  • Caroline Frances Robley. 1822. Spinster of St. Mary Stoke Newington, Middlesex.[National Archives, London].
  • John Robley. 1823. Of Tobago & Russell Square, Bloomsbury, Middlesex.[National Archives, London].
  • Mary Robley.1827. Scales, in the Parish of Skelton. Widow. Letters of Administration (Henry Robley, lawful son.)
  • Noah Robley. 1828. Saint Mary Newington, Middlesex.[National Archives, London]
  • Isaac Robley. 1829. Brisco, Cumberland.
  • George Rablah. 1830. Barnard Castle, Co. Durham. [Durham University Library].
  • William Robley. 1833.Ridgend Mill, Falstone.
  • William Robley. 1836. Cumwhinton.
  • Ann Robley. 1837. Widow of Stoke Newington, Middlesex.[National Archives, London].
  • William Robley. 1840. Bridgend House, Egremont.
  • George Robley. 1840. Hammersmith. Middlesex. [ National Archives, London].
  • James Rablah. 1841. Barnard Castle, Co. Durham. [Durham University Library].
  • Caroline Robley. 1843. Widow of Tiverton Devon.[National Archives, London].
  • Thomas Robley. 1849. Scarrowmanwick, Parish of Kirkoswald, Cumberland.
  • Rev. Isaac Robley. 1849. Clerk of Salford, Lancashire.[National Archives, London].
  • Henry Robson Robley. 1849. Ship Chandler. Of All Saints Poplar, Middlesex.[National Archives, London].
  • Elizabeth Robley. 1850. Widow of Newington, Saint Mary, Surrrey.[National Archives, London].
  • Hannah Robley, 1851. Widow of Manchester. (Her husband was John Robley, born at Scales, Skelton).[ National Archives, London].
  • Henry Robley. 1854. Scales, Skelton. (Letters of Administration).
  • Ann Robley. 1863. of Howfield in the Parish of Hesket-in-the-Forest.
  • Richard Robley. 1863. Of Birkthwaite, Cumberland.
  • Mary Robley. 1865. Egremont, Cumberland.
  • Thomas Robley. 1867. Howbank in the Parish of Egremont, Cumberland. Farmer.
  • Joseph Robley. 1869. Gill House, St. Bees, Cumberland.
  • Joseph Robley. 1874. Of Scarrowmanwick, in the Parish Of Kirkoswald. (Letters of Administration to Jane Robley lawful widow and relict.)
  • Richard Robley. 1885. of Scales, in the Parish of Skelton. Yeoman.
  • Joseph Robley. 1891. Of Burnriggs, Holme Eden.
  • John Robley. 1891. Beckermet. Yourity, St. Bees.
  • Isaac Robley. 1893. of Croglin, Cumberland. Gentleman. (Formerly of Scarrowmanwick).
  • Related Wills.

  • John Dixon. 1812. How Hill, Castle Sowerby. (Brother of Elizabeth (Dixon) Robley of Scarrowmanwick).
  • Twentieth Century

  • Thomas Robley. 1902. Of Coneygarth House, Beckermet, Cumberland.
  • Elizabeth Robley. 1902. Hensingham, St. Bees, Cumberland.
  • Joseph Robley. 1904. Cumwhitton, Cumberland. (Letters of Administration).
  • Thomas Robley. 1902. Coneygarth House, Beckermet, Cumberland
  • Isabella Robley. 1907. Holly House, Beckermet
  • Agnes Robley. 1917. High Hesket. (Mentions Joseph Robley of Greenock & Jane Noble of High Hesket).
  • Mary Anne Robley. 1917. Widow of Yourity, Beckermet, Cumberland.
  • Mary McNaught Robley. 1918. Of the Post Office, Scotby.
  • John Robley. 1921. Of Alton House, Currock Road, Carlisle. Gentleman.
  • Anne Robley.1921. Widow of 14 Station Road, Maryport.
  • Mary Ann Robley. 1929. Of Cumwhitton.(Letters of Administration.)
  • Dorothy Robley. 1930. Of Woodside, Great Strickland, Westmorland.
  • Mary Ann Robley. 1932. of Eskdale, Dalkeith.
  • Elizabeth Robley, widow. 1935. Of Ingleberg, Beckermet (widow of Thomas Robley of Coneygarth House, Beckermet).
  • Thomas Robley. 1937. Of Hill Top Farm, Winton, Nr. Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland.
  • Wilfrid Robley. 1938. Of Holme Lea, Camp Road, Maryport.