Practically every farm over a wide area was represented at the funeral of the late Mrs. John Robley, of Cumwhitton, Demesne, which took place at Cumwhitton Churchyard on Sunday.

Mrs. Robley, who was formerly Miss McKitterick, of Close Gill Farm, Nether Denton, Low Row, died with tragic suddenness, following a seizure on Thursday. The family had only taken over the farm at Cumwhitton in February, after farming for 17 years at Low Northsceugh. Mrs Robley was 54 years of age, and is survived by her husband and a grown up family.

The Rev. A.E. Bartram, Vicar of Cumwhitton, officiated at the funeral, the gathering of which could not be accommodated in the Parish Church. Mr. J.L. Dickson presided at the organ for the singing of the hymn, "Rock of Ages."

The principal mourners were: Mr. John Robley, husband; Mr. and Mrs. John Robley, son and daughter-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Robley, son and daughter-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. C. Robley, son and daughter-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. H. Blaylock, son-in-law and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. R. Armstrong, son-in-law and daughter.

Mr. R. Johnston (Blyth), brother; Mr. and Mrs, B. Martin, sister and brother-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. R. Grant, sister and brother-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. T. Robley, sister and brother-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. T. Bell, brother and sister-in-law; Mr and Mrs. C. Bell, brother and sister-in-law; Mr. Joseph Robley, brother-in-law; Mr. William Robley, brother-in-law; Mrs. T.W. Dixon, sister-in-law; Mr. Joseph Dixon, Mr. John Grant, Mr. and Mrs. John Grant (Gilsland), Miss Dixon, Mrs. Horne, Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Rudd, Miss Johnston, nephews and nieces.

Among others present were: Mr. T. Armstrong, Low House; Miss B. and Miss E. Kyle, Harper Mill; Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong, Roadhead; Mr. G. Wilkinson, Carlatton; Mr. Topping Hewitson, Brampton; Mr. G. Waugh, Heads Nook; Mrs. Maclaren, Cumwhitton House; Mrs. J. Usher, Newby; Mr. H. Hetherington, Brampton; Mr. and Mrs. Rowntree, Tarnfield; Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Watson, Kirkgate; Mr. T. Teasdale, jun., Cairn Bridge; Mrs. Jefferson, Cairn Cottage; Mr. J. Hetherington, Faugh; Mrs. R. Hetherington and Miss Hetherington, Hornsby; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Prudham, Whitefield; Mr. and Mrs. J. Kennedy, Thwaites; Miss Bowman, Hornsby Gate; Mr. Nicholson, Low Row; Mr. and Mrs. R. Irving, Cumwhitton; Mr. L. Robinson, Carlatton; Mr. Moses, The Banks; Miss Wilkinson; Mr J. Fisher and Miss Fisher, Nunfield; Mr. G. Dowes, Mossfoot; Mrs. J. Waugh, Dunromain; Mr. and Mrs. Dewsnap.

Misses Mavis, Northsceugh; Mr. T. Dryden, Cumwhitton; Mr E. Hodgson, The Flatt; Mr. W. Little, Holmewrangle; Mr. and Mrs. T. Irving, How Mill; Mr. A. Hetherington, Moorthwaite; Mr. Dobson, Town Head; Mr. and Mrs. W. Goodfellow, Mrs. J. Allison, Mr. John Liddle, Mrs. Thoburn, Cumwhitton; Mr. and Mrs. T. Sisson, Hornby Gate; Mr. F. Sarginson; Mrs. Nixon, Newbigin; Mr. and Mrs. Hearsey, Brocklewath; Mrs. Edmondson, Eden Banks; Mrs. J.H. Liddle, Black Cow Inn; Mr. Winskill, Miss Irving, Mrs. Brunskill, Hornsby; Miss Musgrave, Moorthwaite; Miss Armstrong, Carlatton; Mrs. Lattimer, Mr. and Mrs. Sisson, Cumwhitton; Mrs. Dixon, Hornsby Gate; Mr. and Mrs. T. Hogg, Carlisle; Mr. and Mrs, Heslop, Low Row; Mr. and Mrs. John Pearson, Beech House; Mr. J. W. Smith, Fowl Pool; Mr. T. James, Scarrow Hill; Mrs. Ellwood, Cumwhitton; Mr. David Ferguson, Lanercost; Mr. and Mrs. H. Bell, Cotehill; Mr. W. Bell, Northceugh; Mr. and Mrs, F. Bowes, Hornsby; Mr. and Mrs. John Little, Cairn Bridge; Mr. and Mrs. Hetherington, Town Head Farm; Mr. C. Ritson, Brampton; Mr. J.L. Dickson, Piper Style; Mr. R. Fell, Talkin; Miss Gwen Sisson, Cumwhitton.

Mrs. J. Gibson and Miss Hutchinson, Town Foot Farm; Mr. J. Armstrong, Castle Carrock; Miss Dickson; Mr. T. Graham, Cumwhitton; Md. D. Brodie, Milton; Mr. and Mrs. Bell, Low Houses; Mr. and Mrs. S. Irving, Nether Hill; Mr. H. Beckton, Cumwhitton; Miss henderson, Morley Hill; Mr. Joseph Sisson, Moorthwaite; Miss Armstrong, Hornsby; Mr. and Mrs. Varey, Nunclose; Mr. J. Prudham, Moorthwaite; Mr. F. Robinson, Hornsby; Mrs. McGuffie, Cumwhitton; Mr. and Mrs. R. Little; Mrs. Featherstone; Mrs. Bartram, Cumwhitton Vicarage; Mrs. T. Mounsey, Walton; Mrs. Sullivan, Brampton.

Mrs. J. Johnstone and Miss Johnstone, The Howe; Miss Liddle, Cumwhitton; Miss Little, Wetheral; Mr. James Ross, Newbiggin; Mr. and Mrs. Mavis, Northsceugh; Mrs. Pearson, Hornsby; Mr. James, Lowther, Red Lion Hotel; Miss Dowes, Hornsby; Mr. J. Armstrong, Low Row; Mr. and Mrs. Greenwood, Ainstable; Mr. C. Harding, Hare Hill; Mr. R. Musgrave, Hornsby; Mrs. D. Ferguson, Hethersgill; Mr. and Mrs. W. Ellwood, Piper Style; Mrs. Ruddam, Newbiggin; Mr. Pearson and Miss Pearson, Plumpton; Mr. J. Elliot, Cleugh Head; Mr. Nicholson, Low Row.

The bearers were Messrs. T. James, J. Pearson, F. Sarginson, T. Sisson and J. Mavis, and the arrangements were carried out by Mr. W. Ellwood.

Floral tributes included those from: Father, and Jack and Mary; Joseph and Anne; Chris, Elsie and children; Elsie, Harry and family; Maudie and Dick; Kate and Ben, Dearham; Annie and Tommie; William and Hannah; Edith, mabel and Doris; Tom and Annie and family, Gilsland; Dick and Edward; All at Fern Bank; Mrs. Malcolm Maclaren; Charlotte, Nunfield; Cumwhitton Women's Institute; All at Bridge House; T. and F. Hogg; Kit, Louie and Chris; Bob and Grace and Family; Mrs. Johnstone and Family, Haltwhistle; Mrs. Teasdale; Mrs Irving; May, Hornsby; Mr. and Mrs. Bell.

Mrs. J. Robley was the former Margaret Jane McKitterick. She died 18th May, 1939.

From The Cumberland News. This cutting came from the collection of Mabel Sarah (Robley) Ferguson, formerly of Cumwhitton and Frith Farm, Guston, Dover. It was contributed by her grandson, George Rogers, of Reading.