Midtown Farm, Cumwhitton

Midtown Farm was bought by Joseph Robley and Mary Ann Lowis about 1883, when they moved away from Scarrowmanwick, and settled at Cumwhitton. This photograph was taken about 1905. From left to right, Mary-Ann (Lowis) Robley with 3 of her children, Maud Mary, Jane Elizabeth and ?William Isaac. After the deaths of Joseph and Mary Ann, William Isaac Robley inherited Midtown Farm. William Isaac left the farm to his son, Walter Graham Robley, in his will .

Farm buildings

John & Thomas Robley at work on Midtown Farm. Photograph taken around around 1905

Joseph & William Isaac at work. Taken around 1905.

The next generation. Marian & Walter Graham Robley, children of William Isaac Robley. Taken in the late 1940s.