Mysie, James and Catherine MacKinnon, children of Sarah Jane Robley and Capt. Hugh MacKinnon.

Pictou Advocate, 2nd December, 1937

Miss Mysie McKinnon

BOSTON, Nov. 30.- Funeral services for Miss Mysie McKinnon were held on Friday, Nov. 26, at 2 p.m., at Trinity Church, Copeland Square, Boston, Rev, Arthur Kinselving officiating. The Episcopal form was followed, including the reading of 1 Corinthians XV, 20. Mr Francis Snow, organist, rendered most beautifully from Bach: "Adorn Thyself Dear Soul With Gladness," "Dearest Jesus We Are Here," "O Sacred Head," "When in Deepest Need." as the closing notes on earth in the music of a life of loyalty and service, of sympathy and helpfulness.

The casket, covered with roses, reposed in the aisle in front of the altar, and near the chancel rail were banked many beautiful floral tributes.

The ushers were Mr. Bainbridge Frothingham, Mr. David and Mr. James Bangs.

Over a hundred persns gathered as a last tribute, among them being Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Bangs, of whose family for so many years Miss McKinnon has been an honored and highly appreciated member; Mrs. David and Mrs. James Bangs, and Mrs. Bainbridge Frothingham. among those from Pictou were Captain and Mrs. James MacKenzie, Mrs. Edwin A. Howes and Miss Jessie Howes, Miss Elizabeth Cooke, Miss Charlotte Campbell, Mr. D.H. Rose, Mrs. Edward R Ruggli, Miss Mabel MacPhail, Mrs. Isabel MacKay Topp, Mrs. Jennie Blaikie, Miss Annie McBain, Mrs. Henry B. Estabrook, Mrs. Jean Maclean Currie, Mrs. Etta Sullivan Currie and Mrs. Agnes C. Blake.

Mysie MacKinnon: b. 1861, Pictou, N.S.; died November 23rd. 1937, Boston, Mass.; Buried PP05 (Seaview, Pictou, N.S.)

Pictou Advocate, 8 September 1938

James W. MacKinnon

James W. MacKinnon, known to a host of friends as "Jay" MacKinnon, died on Wednesday at his home on Stephen street after a ten-day's illness. He was 79 years of age. Mr. MacKinnon had been confined to the house by infirmity for the past few years and suffered from several severe illnesses during that time, but he retained his cheerfulness and mental vigor throughout.

He was born in Pictou, the son of the late Captain Hugh and Jane MacKinnon. His wife, formerly Lina Herritt of Pictou, died about 40 years ago, while on a visit to California. For many years Mr. MacKinnon was foreman carpenter on the Intercolonial Railway. During the gold rush of the late nineties he went to Klondyke with the late "Peachy" Carroll, famous detective of past days, and afterwards spent a few years in California. Returning to Pictou he served for a number of years as Harbour Master, retiring about five years ago. He was active in past years as an Oddfellow.

Mr. MacKinnon is survived by one son, Hugh, in California, and a sister, Miss Catherine MacKinnon, at home, who cared for him tenderly during his long years of inactivity.

The funeral will be held from St. James Anglical Church on Friday at 2.30, with the Rev. L.R. Bent officiating. Interment will be in Haliburton cemetery.

Halifax Herald, Sept. 8, 1938

Veteran of Klondyke Gold Rush Succumbs.

Born in Pictou County 79 years ago, James W. MacKinnon passed away in Pictou yesterday. He was a veteran of the Klondyke gold rush and later lived in California.

PICTOU, Sept. 7 - The death of James W. (Jay) MacKinnon occurred this afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Ross, where he resided. He was born at Pictou 79 years ago and was the son of the late Captain Hugh and Jane MacKinnon. He went to the Klondyke during the gold rush, and later lived in California. Returning to Canada, he was foreman carpenter with the C.N.R. and more recently was harbor master here, a post which he held until five years ago. Mr. MacKinnon had been an active Oddfellow in former years. He has been confined to the house by illness for some years. His wife, who was Lina Herritt, of Pictou, predeceased him 40 years, and he is survived by one son, Hugh, of California; and one sister, Miss Catherine MacKinnon, Pictou.

Note by Al Robertson: James (Jay) William MacKinnon broke his leg as a youth. It did not set properly and had to be later amputated. It was the practice, at that time, to bury severed limbs, and his leg was buried in the family plot at Seaview Cemetery, Pictou, NS. (PP15).

He went to the Klondyke during the gold rush days, of the early 1890's, with Peter "Peachy" Carroll and later lived in California. After returning to Canada, he was foreman carpenter for the Intercolonial Railway (now CNR) in Pictou. In his later years he was the harbour master until five years before he died.

James William MacKinnon: born January 27, 1859 in Pictou, NS; married Iselina Herritt; died September 7, 1938 in Pictou, NS.; buried PP05 (Seaview, Pictou, NS) & PP15 (Haliburton, Pictou, NS.).

Miss Catherine MacKinnon

Pictou Advocate, 18 December, 1947.

The death of Miss Catherine MacKinnon, an old and highly esteemed citizen of Pictou, occurred at Sutherland Memorial Hospital at an early hour Saturday morning, Dec. 13. In failing health for some time, she had been seriously ill for about three weeks before her death.

She was born at Pictou 84 years ago, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hugh MacKinnon, and spent practically all her life here, where her friendly and charitable nature, won her many friends. A devoted member of St. James' Anglican Church, she was a regular attendant at its services as long as her health permitted, and was active in the work of the ladies' organizations.

The last surviving member of her family, she was predeceased by one brother, James, and two sisters, Mrs. Peter Graham (Anna) and Miss Mysie MacKinnon.

The funeral was held from St. James' Church Monday afternoon, the service being conducted by the rector, Rural Dean L.R. Bent. The hymns sung were, "There is No Night in Heaven" and "The King of Love My Shepherd is". The pall bearers were Dr. R.H. Sutherland, J.F. English, J.H. Baillie, R.C. Beers, James Fielder and G.H. MacKinnon. Interment was at Haliburton cemetery.

Catherine MacKinnon: b. 1863, Pictou, NS; died 13 December, 1947, Pictou, NS; buried PP15 (St. James Haliburton, Pictou, NS).