Piperstile School, Cumwhitton

Piperstile School in the 1920s. Margaret Maud Robley (usually known as Maudie), front row, 4th from left.

Admission Register 1877-1906

NameAdmission No.Date of BirthFather
John Robley
19 Sep 1878Joseph Robley
Jane Elizabeth Robley
2 Jun 1880Joseph Robley
Maud Mary Robley
4 May 1882Joseph Robley
Joseph Robley
21 Mar 1884Joseph Robley
Thomas Robley
26 Sep 1886Joseph Robley
Mabel Sarah Robley
2 Mar 1889Joseph Robley
William Isaac Robley
25 Aug 1892Joseph Robley

Admission Register to 1970

NameAdmission No. & dateDate of BirthFatherAddress
Joseph Robley193 20 Feb 192217 Mar 1909John RobleyLow Northsceugh
Christopher Robley194 20 Feb 192219 Dec 1910John RobleyLow Northsceugh
John Robley195 20 Feb 19221 Jan 1912John RobleyLow Northsceugh
Elsie May Robley196 20 Feb 192215 Nov 1914John RobleyLow Northsceugh
Margaret Maud Robley226 6 Apr 192511 Apr 1919John RobleyLow Northsceugh

John Robley (Old Register 153) seems to have moved from Low Row to Low Northsceugh in 1922.

NameAdmission No. & dateDate of BirthFatherAddress
Marian Robley325 5 Apr 193719 Jan 1932William Isaac RobleyCumwhitton Village
Walter Graham Robley335 25 April 193814 Dec 1933 William Isaac RobleyCumwhitton Village

William Isaac Robley (Old Register 320)

NameAdmission No. & dateDate of BirthFatherAddress
John George Robley374 3 May 194331 Jul 1938John RobleyDemesne, Cumwhitton
Joseph Wilkinson Robley389 9 Apr 194516 Apr 1941John RobleyDemesne, Cumwhitton
William Louis Robley406 14 Apr 194715 Jul 1942John RobleyDemesne, Cumwhitton
Maurice Matthew Robley429 29 Aug 194910 Sep 1944John RobleyDemesne, Cumwhitton
Kathleen Robley444 9 Sep 195025 Nov 1945John RobleyDemesne, Cumwhitton
Arnold Robley470 22 June 195327 May 1948John RobleyDemesne, Cumwhitton

John (Jack) Robley (New Register 195)

NameAdmission No. & dateDate of BirthFatherAddress
Christopher Dennis Robley402 10 Feb 19478 Jan 1937Christopher RobleyScarrow Hill
Joseph Leslie Robley403 10 Feb 194729 Jul 1938Christopher RobleyScarrow Hill
Dorothy Greta Robley405 14 Apr 194730 Nov 1941Christopher RobleyScarrow Hill
*Geoffrey Lawrence Robley492 16 Nov 195530 Dec 1950Christopher RobleyScarrow Hill

*Geoffrey Lawrence was withdrawn in 1959 after a tragic accident. He drowned in the river Eden.

Christopher Robley (New Register 194).Christopher moved to Scarrow Hill in 1947 from Ainstable.

NameAdmission No. & dateDate of BirthFatherAddress
Heather Robley565 3 Sep 196817 Sep 1963Christopher Dennis RobleyScarrow Hill

Christopher Dennis Robley (New Register 402)

Dixon Entries: Children of Maud Mary Robley (192 Old Register) and Thomas William Dixon.

3 of the Dixon family. Mary Elizabeth (centre) was Marian's godmother.
NameAdmission No.Date of BirthAddress
Joseph Dixon
10 Nov 1906Red Lion, Cumwhitton
Mary Elizabeth Dixon
9 Feb 1909Red Lion, Cumwhitton
Thomas William Dixon
15 Jul 1911Red Lion, Cumwhitton
John George Dixon
17 Nov 1914Red Lion, Cumwhitton
Dan Dixon
20 Jan 1918Red Lion, Cumwhitton

Dan was admitted on 29 May 1924 and withdrawn on 23 Dec 1927 for home tuition. Dan was deaf.

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