The Colonial Standard, 4 Nov 1862

Ploughing Match

According to announcement, the Ploughing Match of the Pictou Agricultural Society took place on Thursday last on the farm of John Hogg, Esq., West River road. The weather was very unfavourable for the match; the rain continued to fall during the greater part of the day, and interfered very much with the comfort, and to a certain extent with the success of the ploughmen. The ploughing was superior and under all the circumstances, it was the best match we have seen yet. The judges being on the field all day, they were enabled to decide on the merits of the different ploughmen immediately on the conclusion of work. When the last fur was turned an adjournment was speedily made to the house of Mr.Hogg, where a sumptuous dinner had been prepared and was now served up by his kind and attentive lady, and which was disposed of in manner that those who have earned their dinner following the plough can fully appreciate. After dinner, the President announced the successful competitors, and the prizes were awarded as follows: