RICHARD ROBLEY, 1791-1879.

"Richard Robley was another of the prominent men of the county, who arrived at this time. He was born in Swansey, New Hampshire, Mary 12, 1791. When he was 17 years of age, he became an orphan, dependent upon his own exertions for a livelihood. About this time he removed to Vermont, and here met and was married to, Miss Desire Griswold, the ceremony taking place at Vergennes, August 11, 1814. The young couple remained in Vermont for six years. In 1820 Mr. Robley beame infected with the Western fever, and, bidding farewell to family friends, started with his wife for the wilds of Missouri. Here they remained but a short time, and in 1821 Mr. Robley built a flat boat with his own hands, and on this he ascended the Illinois River, with his family and goods, landing in the western part of the county. He settled on the land now occupied by his sons, Messrs. Charles, Vilroy and George Robley. Nearly forty years ago Captain Robley was married to the lady who survives him. He died January 8, 1879, of heart disease. He was a man highly esteemed and respected in the community, a good citizen and a kind neighbor.

It was also in 1821 that the first settlements were made in township 11 range 13, in the northwestern part of the county, by John Powell and Davis Carter.

Richard Robley spotted a beehive in a tall Buckeye tree. He cut his initials there, and established Robley Hollow, Robley Spring, Robley Homestead, Robley Lane, Robley School and Robley cemetery. Later, Robley Levee was established. There were plans for a town, but they became ghost plans. Seventy-five years later, Richard Robley's grandson Arthur Robley Esq., married Mathew Dayton's granddaughter, Gertrude Margaret. Their farm home in Bluffdale was called "Clover Dale."

"From History of the Carrollton Illinois Area 1821-1989".

Contributed by Gary Griswold. August 2011.

Captain Richard Robley, was born in Swansea, New Hampshire, May 12, 1791, and was a son of Matthew and Mary (Scott) Robley, who were natives of England and became the progenitors of the family in America.

Captain Robley remained a resident of New England until the spring of 1820, when he came to Illinois and selected lands in Bluffdale township, Greene county, on which he settled, erecting a residence and other buildings in 1821. The old log cabin which he built there was known as the Buckeye cabin. A bear had been killed upon that site just before he began building, and everything was wild and unimproved, indicating on the frontier conditions of the locality.

On the 11th of August, 1814, in Vergenes, Vermont, he had married Desire Griswold, and it was to this pioneer home that he brought his wife and little family, she nobly sharing with him in all the hardships and trials of the frontier. With characteristic energy, however, Captain Robley began the development of a farm and for half a century resided upon the old homestead, making it a valuable property by reason of the excellent improvements which he placed upon it.

He won his title by serving as captain of a militia company in the Black Hawk war in 1832. He died January 3, 1879, when more than eighty-seven years of age, his birth having occurred May 12, 1791. His wife passed away July 22, 1836.

They were the parents of the following children: Henry G. married Caroline Griswold, of Carlinville, Illinois; George B. wedded Mary Jordan, of this county; Eliza A. married Thomas J. Brown and died December 29, 1834; Charles was born November 6, 1822; Emily married J. Twitchell and died in 1872; Vilroy was the next of the family; Walter S. died November 6, 1836; and Mary became the wife of T. Bruce.

From Biographies Past and Presnt of Greene County Illinois. Chicago. S.J. Clarke Publishing Co.

ROBLEY CEMETERY. Eldred. Greene County. IL.
ROBLEY, Charles6 Nov 182222 June 1897 74 years Son of Richard & Desire Griswold
ROBLEY, Desire [Griswold]4 June 179422 July 183642 years1st wife of Richard Robley
ROBLEY, Francis H.23 July 18426 Feb 185512y 6m 14dChild of Henry G. & Caroline [Griswold] Robley
ROBLEY, John25 Nov 185528 Jan 18562 m 3dChild of Henry G. & Caroline [Griswold] Robley
ROBLEY, Lucinda [Brewster]6 Aug 180223 Sep 183735 years2nd wife of Richard Robley
ROBLEY, Lydia2 Oct 182229 Dec 189977 yearsWife of Charles Robley
ROBLEY, Mathilda [Worden]11 Nov 179921 Nov 188081 years3rd wife of Richard Robley
ROBLEY, Richard12 May 17913 Jan 187987 years -