Scalesceugh Farm

Thomas Robley, the younger son of Thomas of Newlands, was born in Newlands, Carlton and died May 27th, 1712 in Scalesceugh, Carlton. He was admitted to the possession of Scalesceugh by the Steward of the Manor of Botchardgate in 1693 at the customary rent of 5/- per annum. Thomas died on May 27th, 1712.

Thomas seems to have been succeeded by his son, also called Thomas Robley (1690-1733). The younger Thomas was a batchelor and he made his sister, Ann, his main heir. She was the wife of Christopher Robinson of Nunclose who was described as a yeoman.

The Robinson family remained at Scalesceugh for centuries. The property was passed down from father to son until the death of John Robinson in 1851. By that time the Robinsons were prospering and owned 4 farms. They had 1 son who became a doctor and died at the age of 24, and 4 daughters. Their youngest daughter, Frances (1832-1909), inherited for lack of a male heir.

Old Scalesceugh. Photograph contributed by Jane Edlington

She had married John Harrison in 1851. Their son, John Robinson Harrison, a ship owner, built Scalesceugh Hall in 1917 in his retirement.

Contributed by Major Anthony Harrison, Wreay Hall. Major Harrison is the grandson of John Robinson Harrison. Wreay Hall was bought by his grandfather in 1919.

Major Harrison explains:"This picture of Low Scalesceugh Farm was painted by Brian Hatton in 1911. He was an established artist, who worked with horses and portraits. He was killed in Egypt in 1916, serving with the Herfordshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry . . .The house on the right of the picture is where we lived in the last war. Built in 1746 to replace the one burnt down in the '45 by the Scots.".