Short Biographies

The Scarrowmanwick Robleys & their Descendants.

Joseph Robley of Scarrowmanwick 1801-1874
John (Jackie) Robley, 1799-1876. New Canadian.
William Robley, 1797-1866, of Scarrowmanwick, Cumberland & Pictou, Nova Scotia.
Joseph Robley of 11th Bn. Border Regiment, 1893-1918.
Thomas Robley of 11th Bn. Border Regiment 1891-1916.
John Crossley Robley (1885 to 1937).

Rev William Robley & Margaret Nevinson & their Descendants.

.Rev William Robley: Curate of Cumwhitton
Rev. William Robley, 1686-1740: the Move to Northumberland.
Joseph William Robley, 1861- : Station-master.
Henry Edward Robley, 1861-1942: New Australian.
Vernon Edward Robley OBE, 1892-1962.
Robert Nevison Robley 1890-1916: Rifleman.
Edward Robert Robley of the Isle of Wight, 1911-1991
Edward Vincent Robley (1867-1909).

Christopher Robley of Wetheral, Cumberland, England & New South Wales, Australia & his Descendants.

Christopher Robley, convict: from Wetheral to Australia.
John George Robley: Gosford/Wyong pioneer.
Joseph Robley: Second Generation Australian.
Joseph William Robley: Working on the Railway.
Joseph Arthur Robley and his son Harold Horace Stanton Robley.
Mary Ann Robley: Second Generation Australian.
Charles Robley of Rydal, New South Wales.
Maria Ruth Robley (1883-1965).
George Andrew Robley (1890-1951): Farmer.
Harry (Henry George Robley) & his Brothers.
Ellen Margaret Robley (1854-1944).
Isabella Robley: Salvation Army.
William Herbert (Bert) Robley (1879-1932).
Agnes Robley (1820-1901): Second Generation Australian.
Leslie John Robley (1894-1946).
Father William James Robley (1924-2011).
Eileen Sarah Robley (1918-2012.
Violet Victoria Robley (1897-1974).
Sydney James Robley (1889-1956): Cane Cutter & Sleeper Cutter.
Arthur Cyril Robley (1880-1952).
Peter John Robley (1945-1996).

William Robley of Wetheral, Cumberland, England (brother of Christopher Robley) & his Descendants.

The Story of a Family of Itinerant Robleys.

Isaac Blenkinship (1794-1891).
Robley Casualities of WW1 and WW2.
Gilbert Foster (1920-2000): Selected Poems.