Violet Victoria Robley (1897-1975)

Violet Victoria was the youngest child and daughter of Joseph and Sarah Robley. She was born in Rydal on 20th May 1897 and attended the Rydal School.

Her parents moved to Bowenfels in 1910, and Violet accompanied them. She remained with her father following the death of her mother in 1916.

When her father, Joseph retired from the railway and went to live in Rozelle with his son Arthur and wife, Edie, Violet went with them. She stayed there until her marriage to William Thomas O’Toole on the 22 December 1922.

The couple had two children, a daughter, Joyce and a son, Arthur William.

They spent most of their married life in Rozelle and it is said that their home was a model of neatness and cleanliness!

Violet O'Toole. She was a good housekeeper and an excellent cook.

In the early 1970s, in retirement, they moved to Ettalong on the North Coast where Violet died suddenly on 25 July 1974. Her husband, William died just one year later 22nd July 1975.

William Thomas O'Toole

They are buried together in the Church of England Section of the Field of Mars Lawn Cemetery.


Written by John Robley from the research of Eileen Sarah Robley. Photographs from Ancestry.