Westmorland: Hearth Tax 1669-1672

The Parish of St. Michael, Appleby

George Robley. Hilton. 1 hearth

The Parish of St. Patrick, Bampton

Christopher Robley. Grange. 1 hearth

More about Christopher Robley:

Christopher was the youngest son of Mychaell Roblay & Elizabeth Jackson of Beryer, Greystoke. He was born in 1601, married Elizabeth 1638, and died in 1683. Both Christopher and Elizabeth left wills :

Christopher Robley. Bampton [Moores] 1683

Elizabeth Robley. Bampton [Moores] 1684

Christopher & Elizabeth had no children.

Hearth Tax for Westmorland, 1674

ROBLEY, Chr. BAP (Bampton Pattricke) ROBLEY, Jo. (2) HAK (Hackthorpe)