Wetheral Marriages

7-10-1689 Ann Robley= Thomas Scarrow
30-11-1704Eleanor Robley= William Clark
17-02-1709 Mr. William Robley (curate of Cumwhitton)= Margaret Nevinson
16-04-1713Jane Robley= Peter Foster
15-10-1713William Robley= Susanna Boustead
13-01-1725Ann Robly= Thomas Graham
06-06-1767Mary Robley= Robert Sanderson
07-06-1772 Christopher Robley, of Wetheral, batchelor Mary Lowthian, also of Wetheral, single woman (in presence of Robert Lowthian & John Robley)
02-05-1775 Mary Robley, of Wetheral= John Mason of Arthuret (in presence of William Robley & Richard Latimer)
03-02-1785 Joseph Robley, of Wetheral= Jane Scott, also of Wetheral (in presence of Richard Willson & Thomas Watson)
15-09-1811Thomas Robley= Jane Carruthers
2406-1827Thomas Robley , widower, of Wetheral= Mary Hoggart, spinster, also of Wetheral.